Why you need to eat healthy diet food?


Why you need to eat healthy diet food? Your health issues are mainly related to your food consumption.  In other words  you need to eat more green vegetables for good health.  Healthy diet foods are good for health. So if you eat more junk and oily food your body will react.

Eat Green Vegetables for good health

Ill health, in longer period will increase your body weight.  And Obesity is causes for hypertension, high blood sugar level, high cholesterol.  Organic vegetables are good for health. So consult your physician for a proper diet chart.  Eat green vegetables for sound health. Control your food intake as per your age, weight, height,  and also environment or working condition.

Is it easy to lose weight?

The answer depends upon your seriousness.  You can easily lose weight in a month or two. If you can control your food intake.  As per diet food plan for calorie reduction. For long term nutrition program, you must have to eat healthy diet food. Because this can generate low calorie and fat in your body.

For instance ready to eat foods mostly seen in supermarket shelves are sugary and fatty.  Your selection will be only for healthy diet food.  Green vegetables are good for health. It is not very tough to cook your breakfast and dinner at home.  With selected foods that help to reduce your weight.

What is Healthy diet food?

Healthy diet food is in combination of nutrition, protein, fat, calcium, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins and minerals. In other words nutritious diet foods are good for health.


Nutrition is the process that construes nutrients and other substances from the food.  So that you eat for your body’s development, upkeep, fitness and illness.

And select mainly nutrient-rich food. Nutrient rich foods have much more with vitamins, minerals, calcium.  Therefore nutrient-rich food generate less calorie in your body.

Eat your diet food in combination of leafy green, vegetables, whole grains, fish, egg, meat, milk, dairy products, lentils, nuts, fruits etc.

Green Leafy Vegetables

You may use Spinach, Red Amaranth, Fenugreek, Mustard Greens, Cabbages for cooking.  Green Leaves  are chopped and used with salad or cooked foods.  Lettuce, Coriander Leaves, Mint Leaves, Romaine are mainly used as green salad. Because organic vegetables are good for health.

So all the above green leaves have plenty of essential minerals and vitamins

Green vegetables are good for health

Green vegetables are very vital for your healthy diet food.  Because Veggies are rich with vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  Eating vegetables help your body to get essential nutrients.  And keep your body and skin healthy and glowing.

These green vegetables are mainly used for cooking purpose. Beans, Pointed Gourd, Sponge Gourd. Spiny Gourd.  Snake Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Ribbed Gourd. Bottle Gourd, Drumstick, Pumpkin.  Plantain, Ladies Finger, Kohlrabi, Turnip, Long Beans, Broad Bran.

And Cucumber, Peas, Carrot, Tomato, Cauliflower, Broccoli. Cabbages, Potato, Sweet Potato, Beat, Chives.


Protein is an essential micronutrient that build your muscle cell.  Your body get protein from fish, egg, meat, chicken and nuts.

Pulses, lentils, beans and soya beans are protein rich food.  And Cashew nut, Pea Nut, Almonds are high level protein food. Dates , Guavas are enriched with protein.


From some food you get fat it is called dietary fat. Therefore, dietary fat is a type of micronutrients. Dietary fat generate energy in your body for smooth running of daily activity. And consuming more fatty food may disbalance your  health.  Therefore extra fat intake may increase your cholesterol level. And body weight may enhance chances of heart disease.

Two types of dietary fat you get from food.   Firstly Saturated Fat and Secondly Unsaturated Fat. Saturated fat contains bad cholesterol.

Saturated Fat: Egg, chicken, mutton, dairy product etc.

Unsaturated Fat: Butter, different types of oil like coconut oil, sunflower oil, mustard oil, soybean oil, olive oil, corn oil, groundnut oil,


Your body’s maximum calcium stored in bones and teeth.  And your body require calcium for cardiovascular function and muscle movement. You get calcium from vegetables, green leaves, milk, some fishes.

Scientific study indicates men in age group 20 to 69 need 1000 mg calcium everyday.  And women in the same group need 1200 mg calcium daily.


Dietary Carbohydrate provide glucose in your body. Which in turn convert to energy. Carbohydrates are macronutrients found in vegetables, fruits, seeds whole grains and milk products. However Dietary Carbohydrate are separated by healthy and unhealthy carbohydrate.

Therefore, healthy carbohydrate food is needed for smooth function of your body. In other words much consumption of unhealthy carbohydrate foods are harmful for your body.  Unhealthy carbohydrate may cause of type 2 diabetes, weight gain or obesity, heart diseases etc.

Dietary Carbohydrate are separated by three types:

  • Fiber:
  • Sugar:
  • Starches:


Fiber is a plant-based carbohydrate that your body cannot digest.  It is not converted into glucose. Fiber cannot be melt down.  It help for smooth bowel system.  There are two types of dietary fiber  that you consume.

1)  Soluble,

2) Insoluble.

Dietary fiber help for weight loss.

Eating fiber rich food you feel your stomach filled up.  In other words your food intake limits to a certain amount.  Therefore fiber rich food help you to control weight gain. So keep you fit.  And your bowl system clear properly for consumption of fiber rich diet food.

You need approximately 28 grams fiber rich food every day.  Therefore, combination of your every day’s fiber rich diet food help you to fulfil your daily need of fiber.

Vegetables: – Beans, green peas, squash, Broccoli, carrots, beet leaf, spinach, Sweet Potato.  And Trumps, Sweet Corn, Cabbage, Tomato, Cauliflower, Lettuce,

Fruits: – Apple, Banana, Pineapple, Guava, Papayas, Blackberry, Orange,

Seeds & Nuts: –   Almonds, Pine nuts, Raisins, Flex seeds, Chia Seeds, Squash Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds

Legumes: – Kidney Beans, Flax Seeds, Black Beans, Cranberry Beans, Mung Beans, Lentils Small White Beans,

Grains: – Whole Wheat, Brown Rice, Black Rice, Millet, Oatmeal,


Vitamin rich vegetable and fruits are – Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots, Lettuce, Cabbages, Pumpkin, Cucumber, Potato, Sweet Potato.  Also Onion, Garlic.

Vitamin rich fruits are : Mango, Orange, Grape, Banana, Blackberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, Kiwifruit, Watermelon, Avocados.


Mineral rich foods are: Dark Leafy Green vegetable, Lettuce, Spinach, Cabbages, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Pumpkin,


In conclusion it is scientifically proved that healthy diet has several benefits for your health. Therefore,  keep your body fit and energetic throughout the day.

Similarly balance diet keep away of physique related issue and prevent diseases. Balance diet food reduce chances of some types of cancer, heart disease.  Healthy diet foods are for good health. In other words keep your weight under control. And make your teeth and bones are stronger and healthy.

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